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AAAA Fiesta Safety Seminar 2021 (Video Showing)




Welcome to the 2021 AAAA Education Committee Fiesta Seminar

Theme:  How do YOU spell prepared?!?

If you were unable to attend the AAAA safety Seminar you can register to watch the “AAAA Safety Seminar 2021”  via online video.

The registration fee is $20.00

The Safety Seminar covers the following topics

# Presentation Title Presenter Durations
1 Maintenance Jeopardy Scott Wooge 45 min
2 Flight Reviews – Giving and Getting Ray Bair & Natasha Stanke 40 min
3 Crew Preparedness for Emergencies Debi Ostgulen & Dick Rice 40 min
5 Airspace & Requirements Beth Wright-Smith 40 min
6 Flying with Electronics Bubba & Chris Cliver 45 min