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Note. Not all programs are available for viewing online. This may be due to copyright, topic, or presenter approval issues.

In addition, the recording of meetings/programs began in 2019, thus videos prior to 2019 are not available.

November Flying at Nationals

2021 Meeting and Program Videos

January – Greg Winkler Flying the Eclipse

May Macy’s Balloons

October – Fiesta Wrap-up

March – Gas Ballooning in the 1960s

June – Flying in ABQ Waivered or Not!

November Flying at Nationals

2020 Meeting and Program Videos

January – Eric Hodges presents Bill Flynt Photos

February – Seth Hunter on Stress

July – Nan Masland on Balloon Museum 50th Exhibit

October – Doug Gantt Flying in Tapai

January – FAA and ADS-B Requirements

June – Barbara Fricke Back in the Basket

August – Dick Brown on Park van Tassel

November – Ken Tuley on Doing the Paperwork

2019 Meeting and Program Videos

January – Bill Smith Gas Ballooning & Long Jump

May – Sam Parks/Kim Vesely on Landing Task Force

August – Transporting Cylinders and 2nd Class Medicals

February – Troy Bradley Flying over the Grand Canyon

June – Jonathon Wolfe on Fractal Ballooning

November – Jesse Sansom Flying Drones