Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Flying Events 2021

Here are the results of the AAAA Flying Events for 2021. Tap on a column header to sort the column for that category.


Points are based on the AAAA Competition Formula and include points for all participants in the event whether they fly or not.

“-” means the pilot did not participate in that month’s event

Rank numbers are overall and do not account for tie scores.

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Flying Events 2021

Total Score
1Lowenstein, Al1389.451189.45200
2Heffron, Mike1157.151157.15-
3Caldwell, Trent1153.251153.25-
4Smith, Paul1150.4950.4200
5Pendleton, Craig1144.2944.2200
6Parks, Sam1117.651117.65-
7DeSantis, Rebecca995.9795.9200
8Johnson, Meridian992.65992.65-
9Caldwell, Clint770.4770.4-
10Fricke, Barbara400200200
11Dimmitt, Bill400200200
12Garcia, Jerry400200200
13Coffing, Stephen400200200
14Billson, Peg400200200
15Bair, Ray400200200
16Richardson, Robert400200200
17Garcia, Jennifer400200200
18Green, John400200200
19Garcia, Mike400200200
20Takach, Keith400200200
21Blizzard, William400200200
22Tuley, Ken200.00200200
23Kominiak, Scott200200-
24Mick, Bryan200.00-200
25Fisher, Tom200.00-200
26Cuneo, Peter200200-
27Price, Kelly200.00-200
28Candeleria, Gerald (Joe)200200`
29Galaz, Yvette200200-
30Sanchez, Ron200200-
31Hoidahl, Jim200200-
32Converse, Karen200.00-200
33Salazar, Katelyn200200-
34Smith, Neal200.00-200
35Carpenter, Mike200200-
36Williams, Steve200200-
37Walker, Elizabeth200200-
38Speicher, Shawn200.00-200
39Gunter, Ryan0.00--
40Hodges, Eric0.00--