Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Flying Events 2020

Here are the results of the AAAA Flying Events for 2020. Tap on a column header to sort the column for that category.


Points are based on the BFA Competition Formula and include points for all participants in the event whether they fly or not.

“-” means the pilot did not participate in that month’s event

Rank numbers are overall and do not account for tie scores. (working to try and fix that)

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Flying Events 2020

Total Score
Apr, May, Jun, Jul
1Caldwell, Trenten3240.001247998995no event
2Candeleria, Gerald (Joe)2963.00972997994no event
3Sanchez, Ron2661.00679992990no event
4Smith, Paul2656.001241419996no event
5Fricke, Barbara2589.00996993600no event
6Heffron, Mike2384.00972419993no event
7Lowenstein, Al2273.00679994600no event
8DeSantis, Rebecca2273.00679994600no event
9Mick, Bryan2272.00679993600no event
10Fisher, Tom2270.00679991600no event
11Garcia, Jerry2270.00679991600no event
12Takach, Keith2098.006794191000no event
13Billson, Peggy2097.00679419999no event
14Favero, Marcus2083.00679419985no event
15Bair, Ray1988.00-9881000no event
16Tuley, Ken1698.00679419600no event
17Peek, Fred1698.00679419600no event
18Makin, Jessica1698.00679419600no event
19Smith, Neal1698.00679419600no event
20Hodges, Eric1698.00679419600no event
21Ellis Ostgulen, Debi1698.00679419600no event
22Eichhorn, David1698.00679419600no event
23Kenworthy, Chris1698.00679419600no event
24Whitling, Ian1679.006791000-no event
25Jackson, Neil1679.006791000-no event
26Green, John1656.00679977-no event
27Healy, Bob1598.00-998600no event
28Nakamura, Judy1597.00-997600no event
29Ford, Mike1596.00-996600no event
30Williams, Steve1588.00-988600no event
31Bacon, Frank1585.00-985600no event
32Coffing, Stephen1581.00-981600no event
33Galaz, Yvette1580.00-980600no event
34Buzzard, Earl1565.00-965600no event
35Hoover, Mike1413.00-419994no event
36Price, Kelly1350.00750-600no event
37Kious, Tom1279.00679-600no event
38Speicher, Shawn1279.00679-600no event
39DeGraff, Trudy1279.00679-600no event
40Dimmitt, Bill1279.00679-600no event
41Tennis, David1279.00679-600no event
42Welz, Zerek1098.00679419-no event
43Schill, Jane1098.00679419-no event
44Bell, Graham1098.00679419-no event
45Gantt, Doug1098.00679419-no event
46Garcia, Mike1098.00679419-no event
47Zimmer, Rachel1019.00-419600no event
48Watson, Barney1019.00-419600no event
49Mast, William1019.00-419600no event
50Ballengee, Kelli1019.00-419600no event
51Anthony, Johnny1019.00-419600no event
52Buckner, Jason1000.00-1000-no event
53Sullivan, Mark996.00-996-no event
54Kaufman, Blair995.00-995-no event
55Lard, Anthony991.00-991-no event
56White, Cheri990.00-990-no event
57Voorhees, Mike990.00-990-no event
58Keyser, Ralph989.00-989-no event
59MacKechnie, Roger989.00-989-no event
60Parks, Sam987.00-987-no event
61Wright-Smith, Beth984.00-984-no event
62Griego, Rodney Jeff983.00--983no event
63Hofer, John983.00-983-no event
64Hunter, Seth982.00-982-no event
65Ranson, John979.00-979-no event
66Pendleton, Craig977.00-977-no event
67Little, Keri976.00-976-no event
68Robey, Sam962.00-962-no event
69Young, Debby956.00-956-no event
70Boyer, Don679.00679--no event
71Bradshaw, Sam679.00679--no event
72Hernandez, Duncan679.00679--no event
73Smith, Kathy679.00679--no event
74Gunter, Ryan679.00679--no event
75Burns, Jason679.00679--no event
76Walker, Bill600.00--600no event
77Olguin, Paul600.00--600no event
78Maes, Ted600.00--600no event
79Bacon, Robert600.00--600no event
80Bertetto, Mike600.00--600no event
81Blizzard, William600.00--600no event
82Davie, Ryan419.00-419-no event
83Dougherty, Don419.00-419-no event
84Carreathers, Lonnie419.00-419-no event
85Duff, Jeff419.00-419-no event
86Garcia, Greg419.00-419-no event
87Chavez, Laurie419.00-419-no event
88Graff, Gerry419.00-419-no event
89Zamora, Loretta419.00-419-no event
90Curry, Ron419.00-419-no event
91Guthrie, Matt419.00-419-no event
92Heideman, Mark419.00-419-no event
93LaRotonda, Carol419.00-419-no event
94Lete, Cheryl419.00-419-no event
95Martinez, Frankie419.00-419-no event
96McAllaster, Phred419.00-419-no event
97Moors, Rick419.00-419-no event
98Biernacki, Buzz419.00-419-no event
99O’Byrne, Clarke419.00-419-no event
100Cassell, James419.00-419-no event
101Peete, Lichele419.00-419-no event
102Dereby, Steve419.00-419-no event
103Van Wye, Sandra419.00-419-no event
104Fitch, Matthew419.00-419-no event
105Grassbaugh, Robert419.00-419-no event
106Hoidahl, Jim419.00-419-no event
107Schulz, David419.00-419-no event
108Horza, John419.00-419-no event
109Sproul, Keith419.00-419-no event
110Keller, Cliff419.00-419-no event
111Mancini, JJ419.00-419-no event
112Thacher, Elaine419.00-419-no event
113Pata, John419.00-419-no event
114Rice, Debby419.00-419-no event
115Richardson, Shane419.00-419-no event
116Soffera, Janet419.00-419-no event