Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Category: Flying Event Documents

LTA Endorsements and Flt Reviews

These two tri-fold brochures are designed to help you write endorsements in the correct fashion and language, and provide a suggested checklist for what topics to cover while performing a flight review. Content by Beth Wright-Smith. Formatting by AAAA Education.


The FINAL version of the LOA between AAAA and ATC regarding flying in ABQ Class C airspace. This version was signed on 3/28/2022 and shows an effective date of March 28, 2002.

2022 AAAA Waiver

This is the complete set of documents containing and referenced in the 2022 FAA Certificate of Waiver for AAAA. Please note that pilots signing (scanning) in for flying events are acknowledging their understanding of the document. In addition, crewmembers that go onboard the aircraft during waivered events, must be briefed on the waiver AND sign…

AAAA PAD Instructions

This PDF contains detailed instructions and descriptions of the AAAA Pilot Aircraft Database or PAD. It was updated in April 2022 to include information about the AAAA-ATC LOA regarding ABQ Class C airspace and other changes to the system.

2021 Flying Events Waiver

This document contains the complete packet of forms, letters, and certificates contained in the Certificate of Waiver process for 2021 and AAAA.


This PDF contains the Frequently Asked Questions about AAAA PAD. It was updated in April 2022 to include questions about the LOA in relation to the PAD system.