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Flying Events

Renewals and Calendars

Renewals and Calendars Renewal notices have been mailed and emailed. Didn’t get either? Click here! And the 2022 calendars have been updated for General Meetings, Flying Events, and other committees. Use the Calendar menu or Click here. Remember too, that you can filter the calendar, and then subscribe to it, so you can see the…

Jan Scores Posted

The scores, both of them, are posted on the Flying Events page. Ok, everyone that showed up got points in addition to the 2 who actually scored. If you were out for the event, please check and make sure you’re on the list. There were a lot of steps to get 2022 started.

Winners Identified!

Yes! We have Winners! Jingle Bell concludes the 2021 competition year and with that, we have winners in both flying and crew competition. Trent Caldwell is your Flying Events Champion and the Sandia Sunrise/Sunlite crew rose to the top of the crew competition. Check out all the scores and final rankings on the respective committee…

Jingle Bell UPDATE!

Activities Move West! It was great to be inside the Sid on Saturday, but we’re moving on Sunday to the Rio Rancho AAAA Launch Field. Pilot scanning begins at 6:30, briefing at 7. Crew games following flying. Today’s Scores (show-up point and Crew Scores) are already posted to the respective pages of the website. Less…

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