Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

“Slim” Rawley Crew Award

"Slim" Rawley Crew Award

The P.B. "Slim" Rawley Crew award, named in honor of AAAA member and volunteer P.B. "Slim" Rawley who died in 1999, was first awarded in 2000. This award is presented to an AAAA member who is a balloon crew member who has contributed significantly in time and effort to the operation of the club and/or to ballooning in the community. In addition, the recipient must have participated actively on at least one standing committee or had significantly contributed to the bettering of relations between the ballooning community and the public at large.

Written nominations must be submitted to the AAAA Board of Directors prior to the last day of February. Send nominations to:

AAAA Board of Directors
P.O. Box 4091
Albuquerque, NM 87196

Past Award Recipients

2000 Carol Bair
2001 Kay & Blaine Sant
2002 Ann Piper
2003 -No Award-
2004 -No Award-
2005 -No Award-
2006 Lichele Peete
2007 Eric Black
2008 Jon Kirkwood
2009 -No Award-
2010 -No Award-
2011 Ann Prinz
2012 Team Cannaday
2013 Debbie Tennis
2014 -No Award-
2015 Stephanie Peck
2016 -No Award-