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Friends and Lovers Share the Magic!

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The Friends and Lovers Rally 2022 “SHARE THE MAGIC”  is scheduled for February 11 - February 13, 2022.

Registration is REQUIRED for this event.

Pilots must also submit all paperwork to AAAA PAD if not previously completed.

Pilots will receive 1 event pin, propane ticket, 2 brunch tickets, and 2 crew passes.  

Other Need to Know Stuff

All pilots must be registered, including current and complete documents uploaded by 5 pm Thursday, 2/10/2022 in order to pick up a pilot pack and participate in flying events. No Exceptions!

Our 2022 Waiver will be in effect for the event. It's available for download here. Please note. The ADS-B requirement in Class C airspace has NOT been waived. That means you can NOT fly in Class C airspace. Know where it is and stay out of it! Don't forget to brief your crew on the contents of the waivers. Those crew that get in the basket as passengers have to sign they have been briefed and understand the waiver. Remember that by scanning in for the event, you are also acknowledging your understanding of the waiver. And while the 1000' minimum safe altitude has been lowered to 500', you must stay in a steady ascent from take off until you reach that 500' altitude.

Propane is only provided on Saturday. A voucher for use at Ortega's will be in your pilot pack.

Masks are required inside the Sid, but no outside alcohol is permitted. A hosted bar is available Friday night.

And finally, don't drive on the grass.

Schedule of Events

Friday, February 11

5:00 PM - Doors open for pilots, sponsors, and crew

Hors d’oeuvres & cash bar

5:00 PM – 7:00 Pm – Baggie drop-off

Sell merchandise & raffle tickets and promote the silent auction

5:30 PM - Welcome and announce Balloonmeistern, recognize sponsors

7:00 PM - 8:30 Raffle

8:30 PM – Sid Pavilion closes

Saturday, February 12

6:00 AM – Door open, baggie pick up, Pilot Check-in

6:45 AM – Pilot Briefing

Sell merchandise and raffle tickets

9:00  AM-11 AM Crew games, raffle, silent auction

9:00 AM-12 PM Propane opens

10:00 AM – Judging for food competition starts

12:30 PM - SID Pavilion closes

Sunday, February 13

6:00 AM – Door open

Sell Merchandise and raffle tickets

6:45 AM – Pilot Briefing

9:00 AM -Doors open for Buffet

Recognize Sponsors

Final Raffle

Close Silent Auction

Announce Pilot Winners

Announce Crew Winners

Announce Crew of the Year Award

12:30 PM- SID Pavilion closes

More Details

  RULES FOR BAGGIES – Friends and Lovers Baggie Decorating

  • Baggies will be accepted during the Friday night Pilot Registration Party on February 11, 2022, between 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM.  
  • Baggies MUST NOT create a hazard when dropped from a balloon. 
  • Baggies must include the theme “Magic Valentine”.
  • Extra point for colors red or pink 
  • Two matching or complementary baggies: One for the Pilot to drop for competition; one for the crew to use for competition 
  • Baggies must not weigh more than 4 oz. each. 
  • Baggies must have a tail between 2 & 4 feet in length
  • The tail must include the following:  Balloon Name, Pilot Name, Crew Chief Name 
  • Baggies will be judged by our Balloonmeisterin, and the winner will be announced during the Awards Ceremony Brunch on Sunday, February 13, at the Sid Cutter Pavilion
  • Entries will be judged on appearance, creativity, and conformity
  • Baggies will be available for pick up before Pilot Briefing on Saturday morning

Nominations for Crew of the Year Award

This award is to recognize your crew for their dedication, and efforts.  We are now taking nominations for the 2022 Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally Crew of the Year.  

Why is your crew the best?  Below are some suggestions

    • Helping with maintenance of balloon and balloon vehicle
    • Landowner relations 
    • Tailgate
    • Other levels of assistance 

Email your nomination to and tell us why your crew should win the Crew of the Year Award.  Prizes will be awarded!  Nominations will be accepted via email from today until 5:00 PM on Friday, February 4.  Written and hand-delivered nominations will NOT be accepted. The Friends & Lovers Crew of the Year will be announced at the Awards Brunch on Sunday, February 13, 2022.  Pilots need their wonderful crew to have some amazing flights, and we look forward to hearing why you think you have the best balloon crew. 

Special Events is still accepting donations for Silent Auction and Raffle.  

Pilots will get 2 brunch tickets.  Additional brunch tickets will be available through Saturday for $10/per person.

Food Competition   There will be a Chile contest. The only rule will be Chili, of any kind needs to be in the food entered in the contest.  

Raffle   There will be a raffle with tickets $1 a ticket or 6 for $5

Silent Auction There will be a Silent Auction with some amazing prizes.

Kids Corner  A table with arts and crafts for kids

F & L Crew Games Announced

There will be 2 games for the weekend. Which day the games occur will depend on the weather and the possibility of changing rules regarding Fiesta Field itself.

Game 1 – Target Practice!  Crew D is resurrecting a past crew favorite.  There will be a target that you will need to get the scoring bean bag onto.  You will need to borrow one from your pilot or use the one you made for the baggie competition.  From inside a vehicle you will need to get your bean bag closest to the middle with some Creativity.  Have a pool skimmer or fishing rod?  Perhaps a very tiny trebuchet?  The method of delivery is up to you, however, explosives and firearms will not be permitted.

Game 2 – A Little Hoop-la! Also a crew favorite from 2019. You will be provided 3 hoops and you will score depending on which balloon basket upright you get your hoop on. So simple, even a child can do it!  

Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally History

The Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally happens near Valentines' Day each February and has been a fun rally since 1975.

Originally called the Albuquerque Cloudbouncer Balloon Rally, it was started as a way to spark interest in the 1975 World Hot Air Balloon Championships and the 4th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta which was moved from February to October that year. According to the January 1975 Cloudbouncer, a hare and hound and possible flight over the Sandia's were planned. Also on the agenda was an "all in fun special social" was planned for Saturday night.

BTW, the first day of the rally featured a hare and hound event from the State Fairgrounds. And did we mentioned it SNOWED? Sunday apparently brought great weather for flying.

Read more about it in the January and February-March 1975 Cloudbouncers. And come back to this page as we get closer to February 2022 for all the details on this always fun event.

Friends and Lovers Balloonmeistern

Note, 1975 was called the Cloudbouncer Balloon Rally and was designed to bridge the gap created when Balloon Fiesta moved from a February event to an October event.
Note we are missing a few. Let us know who was Balloonmeistern those years.
1975Sid Cutter2001Melissa Bond
1976Greg Wilson K & Diane Terry2002Carolyn Grantham
1977Craig Landon & Tim Thorsen2003Jacque Jacobs
1978John Lynch2004Jeanne Schroeder
1979Marge Ruppenthal2005Jennifer Greenwood
1980Charlotte Kinney McMahon2006Rolina "Sam" Tzamaloukas
1981Neida "Mom" Courtney2007Barbara Fricke
1982Sheri Bachelle Moore2008Susan Collins
1983Gay Jensen2009Faye Godfrey
1984Mary Beck2010???
1985Doni Bird2011Cookie See
1986Kathy Myrick2012???
1987Glenda Watson2013???
1988Sheri Bachelle Moore2014MaeBell Pendelton
1989Pat Brake2015Carol Bair
1990Carol Bair2016Janie Jordan
1991Michelle Siebert2017Barbara Fricke
1992Terry May2018Jennifer Garcia
1993Anna Nalley2019Elisa Bustamante & Pat Mezzancello
1994Cheryl Goettsche2020Lynda Crispino
1995Martha Keyser2021None-Non Event Flying only due to COVID
1996Jeanne Tolman2022Loretta Zamora
1997Carla Devaney
1998Stephanie Johnstone
1999Jamie Gardner
2000Ann Piper