Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association


Scoring System for AAAA Flying Events

The AAAA Flying Event scores are calculated using a modified "international formula" for ballooning competitions. The formula divides the participating pilots into two scoring groups. The pilots finishing in the upper half of the competition receive a score proportionate to the distance of their markers from the target. Pilots finishing in the lower half of the competition receive a score based on their relative position in the ranking order, regardless of the distance of their marker from the target.

The first-place pilot will always receive 1000 points. The pilot finishing in the median position and all pilots below the median position are awarded points using a rank order formula. Competitors with results between the first-place pilot and the median-place pilot will receive scores in proportion to the distance of their markers from the target. Thus, if two pilots finish in the upper half of the competition and at nearly identical distances from the target, they will receive nearly identical scores. Pilots registered for the flying event but not achieving a successful drop will share the remaining points equally "show up points".

In order to encourage more participation in the competitive aspect, the ones who score on the target will not only get their placement scores, but their "show up points" as well.

If a hare and hound task is called the hare pilot will receive the average score of the pilots who scored plus regular show up points.

If no pilots score on the target and no official cancellation is made "participation points" will be awarded to those pilots who signed in.

The only way an event will be cancelled is if conditions are outside our waiver and won't be decided until briefing time.

Scoring system subject to change at the discretion of the Flying Events Committee without notice.