Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association


Event/Scoring Rules - Revised January 2020

  • BFA Simplified Rules will be followed for any rules not covered here.
  • You must be private or commercial LTA pilot registered (“signed in”) on the event roster to participate under the Flying Event Waiver.
  • Please remember you are the ambassadors for the ballooning community.
  • Always fly in conditions which you are comfortable - pilot's discretion.
  • Be aware that when you register each month by your signature you are agreeing to the following:

Each pilot entering this AAAA Flying Event certifies by signature below that he/she possesses a valid FAA certificate to fly hot air balloons; that the balloon entered in this event meets all FAA regulations for airworthiness & registration; that the pilot and balloon are covered by a liability insurance policy to pay for  personal injury and property damages which might result from the operation of the balloon; and that the pilot assumes all responsibility and liability for his/her actions while participating in this flying event. Further, each pilot understands that he/she is flying under AAAA waiver of FAR 91.119 (b) and (c). 

  • There is no entry fee to participate, however AAAA often supports community partners (schools, non-profits, balloon programs) and we encourage participants to consider contributing to these causes through donations - e.g. cash donations, school supplies, coats, un-wrapped gifts for children.
  • Pilots are responsible for providing their own competition baggie. Loaner baggies are typically available at the registration table on a first come first served basis. Pilot’s name should be clearly printed on the tail of the baggie.
  • Only one (1) baggie per registered pilot per balloon will be scored. Multiple baggies in a scoring area will be scored to the least advantageous result. Other markers will be scored if they are not deemed by the scorers to have given the pilot a competitive advantage.
  • Scoring is limited to a 100 meter radius of the target or the confines of the target field (e.g. fences, roadways, walls, buildings, drainage channels), whichever is less
  • No touchdowns or landings within the scoring area unless otherwise indicated during pilot briefing. You can land before the target to change passengers BUT you cannot move the balloon to better your position.
  • No crew or chase vehicles are allowed within the scoring area. On fly in tasks the target will not be put out until all balloons and vehicles have been removed from scoring area.
  • Only a single vehicle necessary to transport and launch the balloon shall be on the grass areas of Balloon Fiesta Park. Other vehicles shall be parked on paved areas only.
  • Balloon Fiesta is an Albuquerque city park. Participants shall obey all posted regulations, as well as any other rules that may be announced regarding the event.
  • Pilot and/or crew are responsible for retrieval of Baggies thrown outside of the scoring area.
  • To encourage our flying events to also be social events, all AAAA member pilots showing up and completing the registration (“Sign in”) shall receive “Show-up” points toward the AAAA Top 20 standings regardless of if they fly, even if they don’t bring a balloon system.
  • Flying events will be a monthly event, with prizes awarded to the top three (3) pilots that came closest to the center of the target. Prizes will also be awarded at the end of the year for the Top 20 pilots.
  • It is MANDATORY that you have fun each month - have fun flying, participating in the crew/pilot games and enjoy tailgating with the club.
  • Remember common courtesy - respect each other as you inflate your balloon. Don't ascend and descent too rapidly. Don't get "target fixation" and forget your surroundings. Safe flying is always more important than winning a prize.

Final discretion of the above is at the judgment of the Flying Events Committee.