Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

AAAA Hot Air Balloon Ground Schools

2020-2021 Ground Schools

The AAAA Education Committee offers in-person ground schools 3 times per year. 2-Private Pilot*, 1-Commercial Pilot**.
Due to the current public health orders, we have had to move these schools online. While we have completed this step, the courses are a newly edited version of previous ground schools. A good but not excellent solution. We are currently in the planning stages of a "designed for online" experience that should be available in early 2021. In addition to these newly produced online ground schools, we anticipate holding in-person ground schools again when conditions allow.
  • Historically, the in-person ground schools are held in February and June for Private Pilots and in April for Commercial Pilots. Online should be available year-round.
  • In-person Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot ground schools meet Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday at the AIBF Office, 4401 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113. Each in-person ground school requires a minimum of 6 participants to avoid cancelation.
  • Online ground schools are at your own pace with ~60 days to complete the course.
*Private Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a private pilot certificate or crew members seeking to learn more about ballooning from a pilot perspective.
**Commercial Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a commercial pilot certificate. It is recommended students already have a private certificate before taking this ground school.


Ground School Registration Links

Private Pilot - available January 2021
Commercial Pilot - was April 2020, now online Sept 1- Oct 30 Registration Link