Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

AAAA Hot Air Balloon Ground Schools

2021 Ground Schools

The AAAA Education Committee traditionally offers in-person ground schools 3 times per year. 2-Private Pilot*, 1-Commercial Pilot**.
Due to the current public health orders, we are making adjustments. In 2021, we anticipate holding ALL ground schools ONLINE. Since we are unable to provide in-personal ground schools, we are actively producing comprehensive online versions of ground schools. These new learning opportunities are designed from the ground up to be engaging, informative and a superior method to learning the material necessary to pass the written portion of your FAA exams. The Private Pilot Online Ground School is NOW AVAILABLE, with the Commercial Pilot Online Ground School available this summer. Head to the AAAA Online Store to purchase access to the class. No registration or advance signup needed. Once you complete the purchase, within 48 hours you'll receive a couple of emails providing access and more details. These ground schools are available year-round for work at your own pace. (six months max with extension for completing the course within 6 months.). Once conditions improve and we are able to offer in-person grounds, we plan to offer them again for those who prefer to learn in person instead of online.

Private Pilot ONLINE Ground School NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Commercial Pilot ONLINE Ground School estimated availability August 2021.

*Private Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a private pilot certificate or crew members seeking to learn more about ballooning from a pilot perspective.

**Commercial Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a commercial pilot certificate. It is recommended students already have a private certificate before taking this ground school.