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AAAA Hot Air Balloon Ground Schools

2021 Ground Schools

The AAAA Education Committee traditionally offers in-person ground schools 3 times per year. 2-Private Pilot*, 1-Commercial Pilot**.
Due to the current public health orders, we are making adjustments. In 2021, we anticipate holding the Private Pilot in February and the Commercial Pilot ground schools online. We have not yet made a decision about the Private Pilot in June. In addition to these in-person ground schools, we are activity producing year-round online ground schools for both Private and Commercial Pilots. These courses should be available for the February Private Pilot ground school and the April Commercial ground school. In addition to these newly produced online ground schools, we anticipate holding in-person ground schools again once conditions allow.
  • Historically, the in-person ground schools are held in February and June for Private Pilots and in April for Commercial Pilots. Online should be available year-round.
  • In-person Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot ground schools meet Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday at the AIBF Office, 4401 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113. Each in-person ground school requires a minimum of 6 participants to avoid cancelation.
  • Online ground schools are at your own pace with ~60 days to complete the course.
*Private Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a private pilot certificate or crew members seeking to learn more about ballooning from a pilot perspective.
**Commercial Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a commercial pilot certificate. It is recommended students already have a private certificate before taking this ground school.


Ground School Registration Links

Private Pilot February - available January 2021
Commercial Pilot April - available March 2021
Private Pilot June - available May 2021
Online Courses - TBD