Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Education Resources

The AAAA Education Committee is also responsible for identifying and/or producing resources to support safe flying and crewing. While many of these resources are listed here and available to everyone, some resources are available only to members in good standing.


Ground schools are recorded and access to these videos is provided to ground school participants for a limited time. (Usually 60 days.) It is our intent to create an online version of ground school and/or a remote student option.

Monthly programs are recorded and made available to members in good standing. Log in to watch the monthly programs. Certain monthly programs are released to the general public and can be viewed on our YouTube channel. (

Other videos are produced on an irregular basis and made available to the public.

Flying in the Albuquerque Area

This video is a recording of the June 2021 AAAA General Meeting. At that meeting, Peg Billson presented on “changes” to flying in the Albuquerque area. It specifically addresses where the Class C and D airspace is, how to recognize it from the air, and who to communicate with if you’re going to be in that airspace. This is a must-see video for those who fly in the Albuquerque area.

Watch the video!

Temperature & Weight Calculations

Watch the presentation then…
Download the sheet of cards so you can record your preflight calculations and have them handy during flight. Don’t forget to buy an AAAA Calculator to make your calculations simpler. Available in the online store.

Tethering Handouts