Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Crew Development

June Crew-D Event.

1st place Team 2FastTakach  75 Points

2nd  place Team Sandia Sunrise 50 points + 10 bonus points

3rd place Team Kaleidoscope 25 points + 10 bonus points

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Board Liaison: Sue Palmer

Crew Development Committee Mission

To promote education and recognition for AAAA crew members or other people who are not pilots in the ballooning community.

About Crew Development

Many hands make light work is a saying that very much applies to flying a hot air balloon.  Without the help of a reliable, educated, and enthusiastic crew, a hot air balloon pilot isn’t going to fly very far. If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about what is involved in getting a beautiful balloon up, up in the air, contact the Crew Development Chair for information. Don’t be shy! We welcome and enjoy giving people hands-on experiences for this one of a kind sport.

Committee Meetings

The Crew Development committee meets monthly on the Tuesday prior to the AAAA flying event. Please contact the Crew Development Chair for details and meeting location.

Crew Safety Brochure

Download our two page Chase Crew Safety Guidelines on the link at the right. It is in Adobe PDF format and requires Adobe Reader to read it. You can download the Adobe Reader here. Pilots feel free to copy, distribute to your crew, and personalize as you wish. Suggestions for changes are welcome!