Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Restricted Landings

ABQ Airport, "Sunport" Landing

If you land at the Albuquerque International Airport, crews need to go to Girard & Gibson and drive south 3/10 of a mile. Turn left and continue along the fence to a gate marked F-16. On the left is a pole with a phone, dial 72, 73, or 74. Advise that they are at the East Gate and need to retrieve a hot air balloon. Ask for OPS 60 to meet them at the gate for escort.

Kirtland Air Force Base Landing

If you land on Kirtland AFB, have your crew go to one of the gates and request a Security Police Escort.

Tribal/Reservation Landing

Before entering any Indian land, contact the Sandoval County Dispatcher or Pueblo Police. You will be told where to go to meet an escort to your balloon. Do not open any gates. Do not take any alcohol on Indian land. Use the PZ Maps to determine Indian Land.

  • Sandoval County Dispatcher - 505-867-4581
  • Isleta Pueblo - 505-869-3030
  • Sandia Pueblo - 867-4581