Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Albuquerque Area PZ’s (Prohibited Zones)

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta provides PZ maps in multiple different formats. Special thanks to the AIBF for making it available to the AAAA. 

Link to PZ Maps

List of PZ's

Map ID Red Zone Action
A Gas Company (Santa Fe Junction) 1000' AGL
B Arabian Stables (horses) 1000' AGL
C Corrales Rd & Don Quijote (horses) 500' AGL
D Sandia Pueblo west Tribal Rd 701 500' AGL
E Sandia Pueblo east Tribal Rd 701 500' AGL
F Wagner Lane (horses) 500' AGL
G Camino De Lucia (horses) 500' AGL
H Paseo Del Dulcilina (horses) 500' AGL
I Intel 500' AGL
J Applewood Corrales (horses) 500' AGL
K Casey Jones Lane (horses/crops) 500' AGL
L North 4th & Sandia Pueblo (horses) 500' AGL
M Propane 500' AGL
N Bien Mur (buffalo) 500' AGL
O Bosque Circle (horses) 500' AGL
P Duke Insulation (big birds) 500' AGL
Q 2nd & Alameda (horses) 500' AGL
R Alban Hills 1000' AGL
S 2nd & Roehl (horses) 500' AGL
T Montano & Rio Grande (horses/crops) 500' AGL
U Rio Grande Nature Center 500' AGL
V Rio Grande Zoo 500' AGL
W Power Company (extreme heat emmissions) 1000' AGL
X Petroglyph National Monument 500' AGL
Y R.G. Botanical Garden Old Farm (horses) 500' AGL
Z Green Farm (horses) 500' AGL
AA Privacy Request 500' AGL
BB Valley Rd (livestock) 500' AGL


1 Dina Nelson
2 North Edith Edition
3 Fireworks Area
4 Honeywell
5 Molina Bldg
6 Archaeological Sites
7 Edith Blvd
8 Bosque School Soccer Field
9 La Luz Townhomes
10 Sandia Prep
11 Vulcan Materials Co
12 Reclaimed Area Sandia Pueblo
13 St. Pius High School
14 Detention Centers - 2 Locations
15 Rio Grande Botanical Garden
16 North Andalucia at La Luz
17 Sandia Lakes (Sandia Pueblo)
18 APS Schools with new sod/construction