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2019 Friends and Lovers Registration is open!

Registration for the 2019 Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally is now open! It will CLOSE (with no exceptions this year due to the new paperwork requirements from the FAA) December 31. More information regarding the rally, sponsors, and fun and games will follow in the next few weeks.

Submissions for the 2019 Friends and Lovers Rally have been closed!
Please contact us for any further details,

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  1. Kelli Ballengee

    What do you need for 2nd pilots?

  2. Tamara Folley

    so excited!

  3. David Tennis

    There is no confirmation information for a completed registration. How do I know if everything was accepted?

  4. Kevin Stephenson

    Sure could use the dates. Since I’m registered and coming from Phoenix. Looking to seeing and flying with all my Albuquerque friends!

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