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We have a Waiver!

We have a Waiver! The FAA has issued a Certificate of Waiver for our Flying Events. It’s only in effect for scheduled AAAA Flying Events and only during a specified flight window time. (approx sunrise to 10am) All pilots must sign in at the event in order to be able to fly under the conditions…

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New PZs

We have 3 landowners with some serious complaints about low flying balloons. They have reached out to Rainbow Ryders, City Council members, the FAA, and AIBF. We are recommending you give these three areas 1,000+ feet clearance. A KMZ file with the locations can be downloaded at this url, Neighborhood just north of Mariposa…

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Here are the latest requests from the community. If you can help with any of these, please contact Jason at   Date and Time of Event: August 10th 2019 Organization Organizing the Event: IOE Memorial Fund Name, Description and Benefitting Group of the Event: IOE Memorial Fund is in memory of 3 children who were…