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This page is the launch page for our testing of various options for delivering seminar videos. Each link on the right delivers a different scenario we are testing. At any point in time one or more of the links or underlying videos may not be accessible. We thank you for your patience.

2010 BFA On Line Safety Seminar

February 6th, 2010 
Lakeland, FL

MC: Don Edwards

Vol. Presenter Topic Time Watch
11020501 Rob Schantz Insurance    
11020502 Jennifer McNatt Weather 0:45:18
11020504 Gordon Schwontkowski Crew Landing Safety    
11020505 Mark Roberson Flight Review 0:46:06
11020506 Troy Bradley Pilot Decision Making 0:39:46
11020507 Cory Miller Crew Safety    
11020508 Kent Yoest Low Flying    
11020509 Tarp Head Maintenance