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Crew Development

Contacts   Board Liaison: Larry Kaibetoney

(updated 27 Jan 2017)


Crew games for 2/10-2/12, 2017

Friday Night-AAAA Stamp BINGO

Committee members of AAAA as well as some VIP's will be given stamps. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out required stamp holders, introduce yourself, and ask for the stamp to complete your BINGO card. Each BINGO card will have a pattern on it necessary to complete. Once you have your pattern completed, turn it in as fast as you can to Larry Kaibetoney or a Crew D representative to record your time. Every team who participates will receive 200 points. Additional points will be given to the 3 teams with fastest times.


1- Balloon name, pilot name, and crew representative must be written on card.

2- Only crew members are eligible to participate, and only ONE card per balloon team.. 

3- Each card will have a pattern that must be completed. Cards will vary.

4- Card must be turned in to Crew D representative to record your time.

5- Points will be awarded based on accuracy and time of completion.

6- No running, choking, tripping, pushing, or any other maliciousness.

7- Have fun, meet new people, and remember to use the magic word!


Saturday Morning- Crew Target Baggie Task

Crew D will have a heart shaped target placed on the launch field. The location will be announced at pilot briefing Saturday morning. Every team who participates will receive 200 points. Additional points will be given to the 3 teams that get their baggies closest to the center.


1- NO DRIVING ON THE TARGET OR THE GRASS AROUND IT. Doing so will automatically disqualify your team from this task.

2- Balloon name, pilot name, and crew representative must be written on baggie.


4- See Rule 1.

5- The baggie of choice should be one of the 2 you enter in the Special Events baggie decorating contest. If   you are not participating in the contest, you may use another baggie. We may or may not give you bonus points if you use one that was entered in the contest. (hint hint)

6- Participating crew member must be in the chase vehicle and the vehicle MUST be moving at the time the baggie is sent on its way. We don't care how slow, just be sure it's rolling or your baggie will not be counted.


8- Winners will be determined based on accuracy on the target.

9- We reserve the right to give extra points for creativity. 


Sunday Morning Surprise Task

For this task, you may have up to 2 crew members participate, but only the top score will count. Each team will get 200 points for participation. Top 3 teams will receive additional points. 


1- Participants must be crew members. (not the pilot)

2- The surprise task will be revealed at Sunday morning's pilot briefing. 

3- The only hint you'll get-every person on your crew should know how to do this.





Upcoming Events

March 2017 Safety Seminar-More details will be posted soon.

March Crew Task will be announced after Friends and Lovers.


Crew Development Committee Mission

To promote education and recognition for AAAA non-pilot members. 

About Crew Development

Ballooning is not a one-person activity and pilots depend on dedicated and educated crew members. We seek to provide crew members with valuable experiences, fun, and recognition. We welcome new members! Contact Larry Kaibetoney for information.

Committee Meetings

The Crew Development committee meets monthly on the Tuesday prior to the AAAA flying event. Please contact Larry Kaibetoney for details and meeting location.

Crew Safety Brochure

Download our two page Chase Crew Safety Guidelines on the link at the right. It is in Adobe PDF format and requires Adobe Reader to read it. You can download the Adobe Reader here. Pilots feel free to copy, distribute to your crew, and personalize as you wish. Suggestions for changes are welcome!